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Distributor of handles and fittings
- about VDS

VDS began operating as a distributor of door handles, fittings and accessories over 18 years ago. During such a long presence on the Polish market, we had the opportunity to get to know the industry well and build a network of suppliers. Along with these activities, there were changes in the company itself - the expansion of the range, changes in management and organizational transformations. All this in order to provide customers with the best products in any quantity, as quickly as possible.

A trusted partner 

In addition to organizational transformations, part of the company's development plan was the development of appropriate forms of management that would allow it to provide services that meet customers' expectations. Our approach made us stand out from the competition. We took pioneering actions to adapt our work to the quality management system PN EN ISO 9001-2009. We achieved considerable success in this field, which translated into even better adaptation of services to the diverse needs of our customers.

Valued supplier

However, we would not have been able to obtain the reputation of a valued supplier without our product offer, which is both diverse and top quality. We included door handles on round and square roses, with oblong plate. We will find something for lovers of tradition as well as people looking for new, fashionable trends. All our products ensure safe and comfortable use, because we provide customers only with door handles from leading manufacturers.


VDS Czmyr Kowalik Limited partnership

ul . Łagiewnicka 4a
41-608 Świętochłowice


NIP (VATIN): 627-27-12-976
Regon: 241794039
KRS (CRN): 0000371827
BDO: 000014418
Bank account: ING Bank Śląski
58 1050 1243 1000 0023 5450 5717