New 2020

The classic comes back. For modern as well as retro doors.

Handle on round rose FIT IT, only 6 mm thick.

New 2020

Simplicity in an intriguing version.

New 2020

Classic model on a modern rosette.
Handle on round rose FIT IT, only 6 mm thick.

New 2020

Design and ergonomics above all.

Open yourself to new experiences..


4 Design Days Trades

What materials can be used for door handles?

Warsaw home

Warsaw Home Trades– 4th Edition

Feel the pleasure of opening...

About us

Our company has changed the form of its activity twice. First, in 2003, VDS was transformed into a commercial company, which adopted the name VDS Sp. z o.o. In 2011 our company also began to function as a limited partnership. All the changes were aimed at increasing the company's competitiveness and capabilities, and thus making it an attractive and trusted business partner for both business partners and customers.

In addition to organizational transformations, part of the company's development plan was the development of appropriate forms of management that would allow it to provide services that meet customers' expectations. Our approach made us stand out from the competition. We took pioneering actions to adapt our work to the quality management system PN EN ISO 9001-2009. We achieved considerable success in this field, which translated into even better adaptation of services to the diverse needs of our customers.

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