Brass door handles. The perfect solution for retro interiors.

Retro interiors are a broad term that actually includes a variety of styles. In Poland, retro style is often referred to as Provencal, antique, medieval, Victorian or chabby chic styles. Retro style is actually the first decades of the 20th century. It is a combination of seemingly incompatible furniture, eclecticism and subtle additions that give the room a character that reflects the spirit of the previous era.

What fits retro style?
Retro style is primarily floral accessories on fabrics - curtains, pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths. These are also geometric patterns and expressive colors. Flowery curtains and armchairs can be the focal point that defines the character of the entire interior. Retro style is also associated with natural materials such as wood or stone. Floors made of these materials are an excellent base for this type of room. Retro is also the color, both the strong, the colors of nature, and the dominant pastels in the Provencal style. As for the walls, a lot depends on what is to be dominant in the interior. If upholstered furniture is in strong colors, the walls should be bright, preferably white. You can also arrange the room the other way round, focusing on colorful wallpapers and subdued furniture, as well as accessories referring to the whole.

Do brass handles match the retro style?
Handles with a brass finish due to their shade are naturally associated with retro style. They are usually elegant and richly decorated. They contain elements referring to nature, such as creepers or leaves. They can be combined with other materials, such as porcelain, which also gives them an old-fashioned style. Today's door handles can be polished, lacquered, satin or aged. This makes them not only beautiful, but also durable. The choice of a particular door handle model is of course a matter of taste. However, it is worth using the offer of the company that has a large selection of door handles to choose the right one for the interior in a retro style. For such details are a "dot over and" in a stylized interior.

Retro style, like any other, requires consistency above all. And it's not that everything should go together - it's even undesirable in this convention. Furniture, accessories, trinkets, and even just door handles should refer to the general nature of the room aesthetics, so that it has the desired expression, and not a collection of random objects.