Door accessories

The door can perform various functions in the building. The external ones play the role of an entrance inviting guests to visit, as well as a dam discouraging thieves from burglary. Internal help to separate individual rooms from the corridor and the sounds coming from it, and thus create the right conditions for work or rest in them. In bathrooms, doors often not only separate this room from the rest of the apartment, but also form part of the ventilation system. Therefore, depending on the purpose of the door, in addition to the door handle, it is worth equipping with additional elements. We have made sure that you can find various types of door accessories in our range. The prepared set includes many elements from sleeves and caps, to handles and door stops.

Knobs and pull handles

Door handles are almost an inseparable element of the door. However, sometimes customers are looking for something less standard. This may be dictated by aesthetic considerations. A good solution then turns out to be door knobs. It will be an interesting decorative element, which, however, is in no way inferior to the functionality of the standard door handle. Speaking of functionality, it is worth choosing solutions for opening doors in such a way that they ensure comfortable use. In commercial facilities, i.e. places visited daily by a large number of people, instead of ordinary door handles, it is better to use door handles. Due to their construction, these elements do not jam and are very difficult to damage.

Flush handles for sliding door

The door handle does not necessarily have to be replaced by a convex element such as a knob or handle. In the event that we want to save some space or the available space does not allow the use of standard solutions, it is worth considering the use of sliding doors with recessed handles. The lack of protruding elements eliminates the risk of furniture damage when opening the door. Handles of this type also work well in kitchens with small spaces or furnished in a modern style. For those who prefer more traditional aesthetics, we also have round and thimble handles. They will be an elegant and at the same time practical complement to the door in the kitchen and other rooms.

Ventilation sleeves

Bathroom doors, as already mentioned because of their function, must be equipped with ventilation accessories. These are special openings, whose task is to remove excess steam from this room, which is formed during bathing. If it is not removed, it may contribute to the development of health-threatening fungi and mold. The building regulations apply for ventilation openings in the doors. If you do not want them to significantly affect the appearance of the door, then the sleeves will be an excellent choice. The round and square models available in our offer can be visually integrated with the doors, thanks to which they will be much less visible than e.g. ventilation grilles.

Door viewers

Safety is the basis, which is why more and more people are choosing to install a solid external door in their home equipped with anti-theft systems. However, it's good to think about solutions that will allow you to check who is knocking on the door without having to open it. This is very important for children - people impersonating their parents' friends, because they can use their naivety to get inside. To avoid this type of situation, you do not have to invest in expensive systems equipped with cameras. To check who is dressing under our door, just mount the viewfinder on them. You do not have to worry that this element will affect the aesthetics of the door. Modern models that we have in sale will blend well with both classic and modern doors.


It is best for the aesthetics of the door, if all their elements match each other in terms of color. Therefore, it is recommended to install door handles that will harmonize with the style in which the door was made. However, do not forget about hinges. These elements are usually treated as functional parts of the door and therefore do not attach much importance to their appearance. This is a mistake, because they also affect the aesthetics of the door. You can easily make hinges more attractive to the eye by using the special caps available in our offer. When choosing them, you should stick to the principle that their color must be the same as the door handles. Therefore, e.g. for brass door handles, it is best to choose caps in the corresponding color.

Door stoppers

In addition to the elements that are used to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the door, you should also think about buying accessories to protect them from damage. It is impossible to predict all dangerous situations, so you should protect yourself in advance. All it takes is a draft or a moment