Door handles with long plates

Currently, customers have a wide range of options for choosing door handles according to their aesthetic preferences and practical needs. A lot of options are usually better than few. Now, however, the problem is no longer finding the right door handle for a particular type of door, but rather deciding which one to choose. Especially that next to models on square and round roses there are also handles with long plates. This group includes elements made of various materials in various finishes. The question remains: how to choose what we want from this multitude of ​​options? Don't worry, we'll help you.

 Wide range of finishes

The appearance of door handles should match the aesthetics of the door. The material from which they were produced has an impact on how individual models look. And so gilded brass door handles give the impression of being heavy, durable, even dignified, which is why they perfectly match decorated wooden doors with an appearance reminiscent of styles from previous centuries. On the other hand, nickel and chrome models have modern elegance, which makes them the right choice for minimalist interiors of flats and offices.

Usually the same type of door is chosen for all rooms in the facility. Therefore, all handles should have the same colour, shade and finish. This will create a space where everything, including details, forms a single whole.