Exterior door handles

Handles for external doors, as well as their internal counterparts, should look good and provide high functionality. However, they must also meet some additional criteria. When choosing them, remember that together with the door they are part of a system that protects the flat from intruders. Therefore, the handle should be solid and resistant to damage. It is worth checking whether it is also equipped with appropriate anti-burglary solutions. However, this is not the only thing to keep in mind. Others are comfort of use, resistance to external factors, and aesthetics.

Comfortable Festaman handles

The exterior door handle should guarantee great convenience in all conditions. It often happens that when we return home, both hands are busy with shopping bags, which can significantly hinder the opening of the door. To make it less problematic, less time consuming and less annoying, it is worth choosing Festman handles. They have a simple, ergonomic shape, so if necessary they can be simply pressed with the elbow to open the door. This type of handles is equipped with a double spring system, which causes them to return to their original position automatically. This solution not only facilitates their use, but also provides additional protection against accidental damage.

Weatherproof stainless steel door handles

Exterior doors are usually bought with a view to many years of use. Therefore, if you do not want them to quickly lose their aesthetic and functional qualities, it is worth choosing models made of materials highly resistant to weather conditions. The same also applies to door handles mounted in them. They must have high tolerance to low temperatures and exhibit high corrosion resistance. Handles made of appropriate steel grades perfectly meet these conditions. They can be installed in doors that are not roofed, without the risk of damage – even after a long time, their appearance and usability will not change. The excellent technical properties of stainless steel door handles make them also great wherever aggressive environmental conditions prevail.

Handle is a visit card of your house

The door is often referred to as the home's business card. For this reason, it is not uncommon to spend a lot of time searching for a model that blends well with the aesthetics of the house. In order not to spoil the expected effect, it is also worth spending more time choosing the door handle. It is recommended that you buy a model that will complement the door. However, you can also opt for a less standard concept, where the handle distinguishes itself, being an interesting and decorative detail. However, regardless of whether you are looking for a chic, but moderate elegance, or a more designer style, you can be sure that you will find everything you need in our offer. We offer e.g. black, white and anthracite door handles.