Handles on round roses

Doors perform an important utility function inside buildings – they provide the possibility of visually and acoustically separating one room from the other. However, when choosing them, it is worth paying attention not only to functionality, but also to aesthetics. It is good if it corresponds to the existing decor. Just as the door should match the interior design, so all of their elements must match each other stylistically. It is worth paying attention to the selection of door handles. To facilitate this task for you, we have prepared door handles on round roses in a wide range of designs and finishes. As a result, you will certainly find ones that will harmonize well with the door model of your choice.

Why should you consider buying a door handle on a round rose?

Handles on round roses are not a new invention, but despite the passage of time they remain one of the most popular solutions. They are perfect for the door leading to the bathroom, kitchen and dining room, but also to the bedroom or living room. A flat is not the only place where they can be used. Other just as perfect areas of application are rooms in commercial or service facilities. Their design ensures a simple installation method and guarantees high comfort of use.

Retro or modern handles?

A retro door handle will certainly not match a door designed in a modern style. Similarly, a modern model mounted on a vintage wooden door will create an unintended comic effect. Choosing the wrong handle may spoil a carefully thought-out interior design. Of course, you can try an unconventional combination, but keep in mind that contrasting elements are a delicate issue. Therefore, caution is advised in these matters. In case of doubt, it is best to stick to the principles of harmonious interaction of elements.