Interior door handles

Although we use them almost every day, interior door handles often remain almost invisible. Paradoxically, this is often a good sign, because most attention is paid to these elements when using them is extremely uncomfortable and instead of facilitating, they even hinder opening and closing the door. The handle can also catch the eye when its appearance contrasts strongly with the style of the door. Therefore, if you want to avoid this situation, you should think carefully about your choice. To facilitate it, we have prepared a wide range of door handles on square roses.

Where to use a door handle on a square rose?

Handles on square roses are distinguished primarily by an interesting, modern look. This makes them perfectly match the minimalist designs. For this reason, it is worth using them in office spaces where glass and concrete dominate. They will perfectly complement the door to all rooms in a company facility - from toilets, through rooms for meetings with customers, to conference rooms. However, they can be just as well used indoors. In houses furnished in accordance with the latest trends, this type of details will be a great addition to visually complement the entire arrangement.

Well suited door handles for interior doors

Interior door handles should not only look good, but also guarantee trouble-free door use. For this reason, it is good to match them to the specific door model - the heavier ones will require the installation of more solid handles. It is also good to pay attention to the needs of users. If a lot of different people will use the room, the door handle should be universal. This means that it should fit well in your hand and be comfortable to use for both adults and children.

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