Stainless steel door handles

Standard solutions work well in most cases. But when they do not, it is necessary to use something that goes beyond the average. The same applies to door handles. Most of the available models will function well in the doors of many different buildings. There are, however, situations in which you need to mount those that are distinguished by increased strength and resistance. These criteria are perfectly met by stainless steel door handles. Due to the properties of the material they are made of, they can be used not only in flats and public buildings, but even in industrial plants.

Advantages of INOX Collection stainless steel handles

Stainless steel handles show high mechanical resistance. As it is difficult to damage them, they are well suited for security doors in residential buildings or buildings that are headquarters of companies. Even when exposed to very adverse weather conditions, stainless steel will not start to corrode. As a result, appropriate doors with door handles of this type do not require the use of any covers or maintenance. Resistance to extreme conditions means that such door handles are readily used in production facilities.

The big advantage of INOX Collection steel handles is also their high hygiene. Thanks to the fact that dirt, odours and liquids do not penetrate them, they can be easily kept clean. This is particularly important in places that many people use every day, such as shopping centres and public facilities.

Stainless steel knobs - an interesting alternative to door handles

Stainless steel, in addition to very good technical properties, is also distinguished by an interesting appearance. Thanks to its high scratch resistance, it will remain almost unchanged for many years. Handles made of stainless steel look great especially in minimalistic surroundings, dominated by subdued colours. However, they can also be replaced with steel door knobs. Available in oval, square or round shape they will delight with their elegant aesthetics, adding class to the rooms. They can be used both in interiors and outside, decorating the front door.